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PAC Meeting - Mon, Dec 9th - 5:15 pm
The monthly PAC meeting will be held in the library from 5:15 - 6:30 pm in the MCHS Library. Be a parent partner and help contribute to future successes of MCHS.
Finals Week - Fall 2019
Monday, Dec 16: Blue Day Review
Tuesday, Dec 17: White Day Review
Wednesday, Dec 18: Blue Day Finals
Thursday, Dec 19: White Day Finals
Friday, Dec 20: Finals Make Up

Students who do not take the final exam or complete their final project for their class will not receive credit for that MCHS course.
Excused absences are only allowed for specific reasons (illness, disability, work-study, school sponsored activities, suspension/expulsion). All other absences reasons will be marked unexcused. (Per school board policy JH)

Regardless of absence reason, parents should call the school's main number (824-7036) to report their child's reason for absence. Failure to contact the school will result in an automated phone messages out to parents for each absence, and the absence being marked as unexcused.

Students who are sick for three or more days in a row may not return to school without a note from the doctor that documents the student's illness. The attendance secretary will ask for an explanation of the illness that a student has experienced, in order to report to the school nurse any trends or patterns of illness across the school.

A tardy is any amount of time that a student is late to class following the starting bell of that period of the daily schedule.

Blue passes for leaving school early must be accompanied by permission from parent/guardian only.

2019-20 Lunch Policy
During the 2019-20 school year, MCHS will implement a hybrid policy of open and closed campus lunch in which upper classmen (Juniors and Seniors) will be given the privileged of leaving campus during the lunch period and lower classmen (Freshman and Sophomores) will be required to stay on campus.
During the regularly scheduled school day, the entire school will have a lunch break from 11:40 am - 12:25 pm. Juniors and Seniors leaving campus for lunch will be required to show their student identification cards to staff as they leave and then show it again as they return to campus.

Freshman and Sophomores will only be allowed to leave during lunch with a blue pass and accompanied by a parent/guardian.
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Seniors and MCHS parents,

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Sophomores, Juniors and MCHS parents,

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2020 Junior Senior Prom
The Junior Senior Prom date is set! May 2, 2020. Mark your calendars!
Canvas is the Place to Find Grades
Starting 2nd semester, Infinite Campus will only house the quarter and final semester grades. Parents will need to access the new Canvas tool in order to see their student's detailed grades.
Any time during the semester parents can look at grades, assignments, discussions and assessment results using the “observer” access in the Canvas tool. Parents can create a Canvas account, with the use of a special code. This will give parents more access to their child’s classes than ever before.

If you didn't make it to the Canvas Parent Night and would like to set up an observer account, please call the registrar at 970-826-6555. Then go to this link to set up your account